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How to earn money as a teenager without any investment

How to earn money as a teenager without any investment

How to earn money as a teenager without any investment

Hey, are you looking to earn? If yes, you are at the right spot, of course, to make your career strong working from home.

1.Own video base course skillshare.

  1. Video base course is a great idea to share your knowledge with people and create engagement. You need to organize your course with content and title. Watch video
  2. Index your course in the initial video.
  3. Create step by steps courses linking with each other
  4. Guarantee your video is full of knowledge and has better content that people can understand easily.
  5. Get Tips from Videos like SEO, social media market, share marketing tips, and learn them.
  6. Share the video on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, MX TA KATAK, YouTube.
  7. Create strong content and stand out in the market.
  8. Allow people to download your file for free.

2.Sell old stuff.

Sell out stuff is Great! You must be aware of many sites. But choose the best that gives more profit. OLx, opssell, Facebook, eBay, Instagram, and Whatsapp, and more sites

There are lots of sellers in the market. They sell their products. At times some products are not sold. Manufactures sell the product in a lot to recover the loss.

What you can do is buy products at less price and sell at a margin price.

Here is a list of seller you can search and get in touch with them.

  • Clothes whole-seller
  • old computer or laptop.
  • Used bikes or scooters.
  • used cars for selling
  • Old phones.
  • Used DSL R camera
  • Home items etc.

3.Sell photos online.

  1. Single Photos Sell Better than Group Shots. This one surprised us.
  2. Candid Photos Sell Better than Posed Shots. No surprise here, given the italicized point above.
  3. Wide Shots Sell Better than Closeups.
  4. Looking Away is Better than Facing the Camera
  5. Unidentified Subjects Sell Better.


Online tutoring is an easy way of teaching online video with live tutoring and making courses so that others can learn and use your knowledge and share with others, and you make money out of it. Nowadays online tutoring is famous, and people love it the most and keep searching for good tutoring if you are the one get ready and start today.

5.Sell the digital print.

A digital friend is one of the unique ways that people of the most to print it on their mug t-shirts pants on the car what is digital print it is nothing but an image that you would get printed on unique products create a new lifestyle.

6.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money but also the most difficult way to generate traffic.

I am going to explain to you how to do marketing works and which websites will help you make that money and also I’ll be sharing the link which will help How to earn money as a teenager in affiliate marketing the links are below.

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing


  1. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

  2. Amazon affiliate marketing

  3. Leap switch affiliate marketing

  4. Blue host affiliate marketing

  5. Go daddy affiliate marketing.

  6. eBay affiliate marketing

  7. Host gator affiliate marketing

  8. Many more affiliate marketing will help you to generate money sitting at home.


what are referrals and how can you earn money from them. Referrals are nothing but referring someone’s business to your friends and family and if they click on that link you get a commission out of it. There are so many reference apps and websites available in the market when you refer them you earn money I’ll be sharing the list of that referral app.

  1. Google app

  2. Oyo rooms

  3. Swiggy

  4. Ola

  5. Uber

  6. Phone PE

  7. M cent browser

  8. Google Duo

  9. Free-charge and many more other referral apps if you need a list let me know I’ll share the list.

8.Content writing

content marketing
content marketing

Content writing is one of the best ways to explain products, plans of the business, online courses, online promotion, and marketing of a website, or a company marketing.

You can also do affiliate marketing in your post using the link and explain about the new product so that people can read and get influence and click on the link you can simply start writing a blog or article the way I’ve written the hundred tons of videos on YouTube how to write content for a blog.

9.Sell products online.

Nowadays selling a product online has become easier than before if you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler you can sell by uploading your products to Facebook OLX or even other various sites or else you can also create an own WhatsApp group and share little commission with other people’s so that you can keep earning money.

start selling with opssell

10.Reselling products

Reselling products Is not easy! But If you cannot invest money to purchase the product don’t worry

You can simply contact the wholesalers of the manufacturers and check what products they are selling and if you are interested in selling those products you can contact them to get details and price capture the description and image

Start to share online once people buy the product the manufacturer or the wholesaler will take care of delivery products and you gain commission isn’t that a great idea.

11.Real estate

If you are good at selling or if you’re good at expressing the information about a new flat, then this is the right opportunity for you to get in touch with the builder’s conditions. Capture images descriptions and all the relevant information which is required for selling flat once you ready for the information we can start sharing these details online and make money out of it for the small commercial nowadays social media has been so easier that you can always earn money even if you sell one flat you can simply earn around 50,000 a month does that sounds good to you.

12.LIC Insurance

LIC insurance is a very old company which is established in the market in 1956.

As a  youngster, you can get in touch with the LIC agents, or we can contact them directly and register yourself as a member explain to you the details of how you can send NIC insurance to anyone in your friends and family and get a commission to auto fit it is not just one-time investment or one-time commission you’re keeping commission every month if they keep paying money for the insurance if you need to know more about this life insurance you can visit their website which is LIC India. In

13.Computer repair

Are you interested in repairing computers? That’s going to be a good start on How to earn money as a teenager without any investment in your friend’s circle and expand with friends of friends.

if you are good at computers and if you know what you can do on computers you can easily earn money I have watched several videos on the internet to understand the kinds of the problem the computer has and get it to fix for friends and family and earn money during holidays I made around 5,000 every month.

14.Troubleshooting of mobile phones

For troubleshooting mobile phones of videos and articles that can read understand, and you can fix your friends and families phone or events for strangers, you can also get a lump sum amount of morning for your pocket so that she can survive during the vacations.

15.Social media marketing

Social media marketing is nothing but a kind of promotion if you are good at promoting websites or any products you can create your social media accounts, and you can start promoting in groups or on a page by people will find your products, and they will start contacting you so it’s very simple and easy you want to know more about social media marketing I would be creating a separate page for why you can have more relevant information about it.


Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing endorsement and product placement influence effects of basically promotes a brand or a product which is given to him find his knowledge and giving the right information that people get influence

17.Video editor

You can learn yourself how to edit videos mix of sounds and many more details about video editing once you have learned how to do video editing when you can start promoting yourself on social websites to let people know that you can edit videos and that also the best way of earning money of at least 15000 for men.

18.Photo editing

We all love editing our photos in various ways by changing the background of the image for capturing a photo with sunset and many more.

One of the great Tools to edit photos in Photoshop Illustrator or Coral Draw

If your best at editing photos you can do well, in the same way, you can also edit photo as a freelancer and learnHow to earn money as a teenager without any investment.

19.Reference bonus

Have you ever heard about the reference bonus that a company gives when you share products and their services you earn commission?

You can start finding a list of companies and register yourself but also ensure you share not just the link but also the name of that company. So that people know from where they will buy products and services.

That helps you get even more profits to get better income and how to earn money as a teenager without any investment.

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