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Whenever you start a business Start with a great idea and on a positive note. The majority of people usually prefer to focus on the development of their services and their products. People tend to forget that  selling a product just by doing an advertisement or doing a video at a time does not help sell everything 
You need to have a blog on your page and also affiliate marketing for your website. 

Especially because I know first-hand how hard it is to start selling or how to sell everything that you own. But my experiences taught me not only the importance of selling but also how to sell everything and move a count and what to do to become good at it and to generate revenues for your business.

So, how can you make sure that you actually start to sell — and immensely increase your chance that your business actually succeeds?

10 Useful tips to starting selling from scratch with opssell — presented in 46 bullet points — goes like this:

1. Prepare yourself to sell everything from beginning 

  • What — know what you sell and prove this by writing an understandable one-sentence description of what you sell
  • Why — know why you are selling it and describe clearly define what problem your offer is helping to solve
  • Who — know who you are selling to — describe personas you are selling to (if you do not know what personas are, search for it or click here)
  • How — sketch your sales process by sketching your sales funnel and defining which activities will take you through your sales funnel

2. Research

  • Determine market size — how many companies, how much revenues, how large are individual markets, etc.
  • Find details of all potential customers — company registries, members of associations, list of presenting companies at fairs, contact details of company representatives, etc.
  • Study the competition — their business models, their pricing, their sales and marketing pitch, etc.
Research business

3. Assume

  • What will conversion rates between individual steps in the sales funnel be?
  • How long will sales cycles be?
  • How many customers can be handled at the same time?
  • What kind of churn do you expect (if applicable)?
  • How many customers can you serve at the same time — delivery constraints?
  • Know who is your customer

4. Plan

  • Put your plan on paper and start focusing one by one
  • Plan all relevant KPIs — marketing and sales KPIs
  • finance your Plan — revenues and associated costs
  • Plan monthly and especially in the beginning also weekly
  • Be realistic about your plans — base plans on your research and your assumptions
  • Last but not least — if your assumptions change, because of what you learn in the market, change also your plans and expectations and sell everything from scratch with opssell
grow business when you start selling everything
grow business when you start selling everything
Business Plan

5. Execute

  • Start from the day you thought of working on it.
  • Do activities you defined for your sales funnel — remember to follow the process (change process, if needed)
  • Constantly execute activities — daily and weekly
  • Once a week take the time to review, where and how you can improve your sales funnel process and activities
  • Always. Be. Closing. — remember: you have not sold anything if you are selling, but you are not closing
  • Start writing a blog or video so people can follow you.

6. Sell (#1)

  • Minimize friction at closing
  • Very little effort for a customer to sign your agreement («one step purchase»)
  • If appropriate, use incentives to push for signing — limited time offer/discount for signing before a certain date / bring the agreement for signature in person, etc.
  • Close the sale — and make sure you deliver on your promises
  • In the beginning, selling ends only when your solutions are delivered, invoices issued and paid and customers satisfied, and ordering more
  • sell everything your stuff without an ebook
  • Sell Everything: Get rid of all your stuff WITHOUT a yard sale! Kindle Edition
sell everything and start over
sell everything and start over

7. Control

  • Regularly prepare relevant reports — weekly for sales and marketing KPIs, monthly for all KPIs (including financials, marketing, and sales)
  • Analyze differences from planned KPIs — understand where differences come from (for negative as well as for positive differences)
  • Do not over the monitor — focus on relevant KPIs — up to 5 KPIs on a weekly level, 20 on a monthly level
  • Take the time to control weekly and monthly

8. Improve

  • Learn from what you observe — from customers, from the market, from reports, from employees, etc.
  • In the first months, take the time to improve your processes and your approach at least monthly, preferably weekly
  • Reserve time to regularly reflect and improve your processes and your approach also later — at least quarterly, preferably monthly
  • It is important to seek improvement regularly — even if you do not constantly find things to improve
improve yourself sell everyday- opssell
improve yourself sell everyday- opssell
Improve yourself every day

9. Pivot

  • If you see, that your offering and your approach does not attract enough customers, consider pivoting
  • Pivot means fundamentally changing your business model and/or your offering inside the same company
  • If your business does not work, admit it to yourself — and either pivot or wind the company down
  • With the above being said, the company cannot do countless pivots — pivot can be usually done only once, therefore decide on it after careful consideration

10. Sell (#2)

  • Be active in building the right product for the right customer 
  • Close — do not leave deals unclosed — get to either signature or negative answer in due time
  • Constantly find new leads
  • Constantly sign on new customers
  • Improve every week and every month
  • If something does not work, stop doing it and start something that will work
Sell Me This Pen watch this video 

The best way of selling your product

If you managed to go through all of the bullet points above, you probably saw, that the “Sell” step is included twice. The reason for this is simple — it includes two different perspectives on the selling step but more importantly, it shows how important it is to actually close the sale. Lots of people are able to develop and not deliver. In sales, this translates to lots of people constantly doing sales and business development, but never actually selling — never actually closing any of the sales and business they develop… And without actually closing the sale, there are not sales achieved and no revenues generated.

If you wish to find out more regarding the above, feel free to reach out. I would also be really glad to learn, whether or not the above 10 step guide helped you to actually start selling.

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